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Piccolo Circolo Garibaldino

(Bed & Breakfast & Beyond)

Entering Piccolo Circolo Garibaldino is an emotional journey into memories, with all the five senses that nature has given us. It is essential to disconnect, from time to time, almost dutiful. Memories are part of our existential heritage. Let us give ourselves a moment to rework them as old photographs or as small treasured objects encased in a beautiful box.

Bed & Breakfast

  • Piccolo Circolo Garibaldino is a typical aristocratic building where, after a long and skilful restoration, all the phases of its construction have been brought to light, from the Roman period, passing through the medieval until the twentieth century.
  • The area on which it was operated, with extreme simplicity and rigor, was in a total state of abandonment. The intent was to give meaning and significance to a space hitherto concealed, respecting, at the same time, the original structure of the place and its unavoidable elements.
  • Located in the heart of the historic center of Vasto, a small town in Abruzzo, Piccolo Circolo Garibaldino offers its guests three bedrooms, each with private bathroom.

& Beyond

  • Piccolo Circolo Garibaldino is not just a B & B. It is primarily a creative space full of furniture and objects often saved and recovered from disuse. A meticulous selection has made it an original location with its own characterization.
  • Piccolo Circolo Garibaldino is available for
  • shooting and events
  • personalized temporary installations
  • advice for interior and exterior furnishings
  • barter
  • sale of vintage furniture and furnishings
  • vendita unicorni


Stanza Rossa

stanza a fiori

Stanza verde

Piccolo Circolo Garibaldino is available as a location for organized events, photo shoots or exhibitions.


    Vico Sinello, 10

    66054 Vasto (CH) Abruzzo - Italy


    Piccolo Circolo Garibaldino a Vasto

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